The watcher of flight safety, the leader of innovation and development – Zhihui Li, a famous expert on aircraft maintenance and condition monitoring in China

November 13 06:32 2020

Since the birth of mankind, there has been ambition to go higher and farther. However, while pursuing speed and freedom, it is more necessary to strictly abide by the first red line of safety whether it is a flying vehicle soaring into the sky, or a car and high-speed rail galloping on the ground. Therefore, they are inseparable from escort of safe and reliable state monitoring as well as failure maintenance. Just think — if there are no monitoring and maintenance as a guarantee, would you still dare to take transport?

In order to protect the safety of everyone on each aircraft, Zhihui Li, as a well-known expert in the field of aircraft maintenance and condition monitoring in China, combining his years of work experience, superb aircraft inspection and maintenance technology with modern digital technology, liberated aircraft maintenance and condition monitoring from the condition that relies more on human and individual expert ability. Through intelligent innovative technology, he realized the expansion of service scope of cutting-edge aircraft maintenance and condition monitoring technology, which provides safety guarantee for more aircraft and guards the flight safety of more people.

Every little thing about safety is a great event

Compared with the design and manufacture of various parts of the aircraft, aircraft maintenance and monitoring is a complicated and detailed task that requires precision and comprehensiveness. Even a tiny negligence and mistake can cause irreparable damage to flight safety. As an aircraft maintenance engineer, he bears a big responsibility to be very careful. At the same time, as an aircraft monitoring and maintenance technology expert, he must equip the intelligent monitoring and maintenance technology with the most “smart” brain and “rigorous”regulations in the digital language, laying the most solid foundation for guarding every flight.

Zhihui Li often said that “every little thing about safety is a great event”. In the technology research and development laboratory, each of his assistant researchers is more sensitive than ordinary people to subtle changes in experimental parameters. They jokingly called it “a habit formed under the strict requirements of Teacher Li.” In the process of technology research and development, every subtle change in experimental data conveys the success or failure of the technology under development, whether the target function can be achieved, and the degree of realization. They often reflected in the third and fourth decimal places, even ignoring a difference of 0.0001 may completely abort an original cutting-edge technology. Zhihui Li led his scientific research personnel to listen to and interpret the 0.0001 story, solve the 0.0001 “pain”, and eliminate all uncertain factors in the experimental stage. Zhihui Li always believes that if an aircraft’s condition monitoring and fault maintenance technology cannot be 100% perfect, it will not be available on the market. It must continue to be modified or it will be painfully cut because even if one-thousandth of the difference will do harm to others.

Enjoy the process of correcting deviations in the development and research of technology

When developing the “Unmanned Maintenance Intelligent Control Platform for Aircraft”, Zhihui Li insisted on this rigor to the extreme. Since the technology is an unmanned control platform, there is no human + intelligence as double insurance, it is necessary to ensure that the technology cannot cause any problems. Therefore, Zhihui Li insists that laboratory testing must be performed more than twice as many other technologies, and every data abnormality must be studied to solve. The fact has proved that Zhihui Li’s persistence has not been in vain. After the successful launch of this technology, the industry’s suspicion of unmanned maintenance control platforms has been changed, and the previous dilemma that unmanned maintenance technology requires manual auxiliary monitoring has been truly unmanned, which turned maintenance from concept into reality. This technology not only protects the safety of aircraft occupants, but also protects the safety of aircraft maintenance personnel and protects them from the toxic exhaust gas generated during the maintenance process.

Zhihui Li believes that every technology is like his child, but the process of this child’s birth is very difficult. At least tens of thousands of experiments have to be done to correct every small deviation and straighten the crooked little tree into a towering tree, becoming a hero who can protect thousands of families. He said, “Those who engaged in research and development of technology in the field of aircraft maintenance and monitoring must be heroic and enjoy the process of correcting deviations. Although all technologies pursue accuracy and perfection, the research and development of technology cannot tolerate the slightest slip in our field especially, whether it is front-line maintenance and inspection work or innovation. Only by enjoying the boring process of correcting deviations with the spirit and feelings of heroism, can we truly face every scientific research problem with our heart and finally overcome it.”

Persist in innovation and development to be in the forefront of the world

It is often said that “For an ordinary person, one step forward is an innovation. For an expert, innovation is a headache.” But for Zhihui Li, China’s top aircraft maintenance and condition monitoring expert, innovation is the core mission of his business.

The vigorous development of science and technology in today’s world is a new opportunity and challenge for all walks of life. The aviation industry must firmly hold onto the “bull nose” of technological innovation, taking the lead in scientific and technological innovation. It will not only seize the opportunity and gain an advantage for China as a major aviation power, but also benefits people all over the world. “You can neither do a thing well without steadfastness nor master a thing without striving to be the first.” In recent years, Zhihui Li has carried out scientific research down-to-earth, and has developed many world-class technological achievements with the spirit of striving for the first. At the same time, he has also cooperated with aviation companies and scientific research institutions in Japan, South Korea, Singapore, the United States, France and many other countries by virtue of his outstanding scientific research capabilities. He has also given many speeches at high-level forums for international aviation experts, showing Chinese experts worldwide. For his professional strength and influence, he also won the Special Prize of 2017 International Aviation Technology Innovation Outstanding Contribution Award, and the First Prize of 2019 Asia Pacific Aerospace Award. His contribution to the field of aviation maintenance and condition monitoring has been recognized by global aviation experts and he has become a world-class expert.

“We must innovate and do it in a fast way. If you want to make a difference on the international stage, you must insist on innovation, race against time, and bravely break into the “deep water” and “no man’s land” of technological innovation to a good job in technological innovation and research and development of this matter with the mentality of “nobody else but me”. As the saying goes, it takes a good blacksmith to make steel. With the world’s top technological achievements, it has effectively promoted the ceiling of the world’s aviation industry, which will naturally be highly recognized by the world’s aviation industry.” This is what Zhihui Li learned in making considerable achievements in the world aviation industry. 

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