Invest in mining Ethereum, JASMINER X4 is enough

November 26 22:55 2021

Novices want to invest in mining Ethereum, how to start?

One JASMINER X4 is enough

Since the beginning of this year, the amount of transfers on the Ethereum chain has soared, and the mining income of Ethereum miners has suddenly skyrocketed. According to the data, during the period of severe fluctuations in ETH, the income of the Ethereum block is about 15-20 ETH, which is approximately US$25,000 to US$34,000. Among them, 2ETH is the system block reward, and the remaining 13-18 ETH is the fee reward. For Ethereum miners, this is quite profitable.

With the gradual maturity of the mining industry, mining has become more and more industrialized. The heavy-asset investment model and large-scale economy require professional mining farms and cheap electricity. You may be wondering, is mining Ethereum really profitable? Frankly speaking, there is no standard answer to this question. Just like someone asks whether to make money or not, one can only say that someone may lose money, but someone will definitely make money. At present, it is almost a bonus period for miners: high handling fees and high market prices. At present, the space for Ethereum mining is still very large. This increase in revenue has nothing to do with the volatility of the market, but it has more block rewards. In addition, to some extent, the higher the handling fee, the more recognition Ethereum has received, and the project has matured in terms of practical applications.

Back to essence, Mining is the most basic foundation of the blockchain. Mining is undoubtedly the lowest cost and fastest way, as long as the computing power is in hand, the currency will arrive in the account every day. How to choose the right Ethereum mining machine? In the long run, the potential of Ethereum in the digital currency market is far from being realized, which means that the market for Ethereum may see a relatively large rise in the future. Under this kind of expectation, many friends want to engage in Ethereum mining, but he does not necessarily have any knowledge of the Ethereum mining industry, so he needs to learn a lot of industry knowledge and technology in advance. Such as understanding the determinants of mining power eth, etc., and what kind of mining machine is better to mine Ethereum now? The JASMINER X4 with low energy consumption and high profitability was born.

JASMINER X4-1U ETCHASH SERVER is a server using JASMINER X4 chip. It has the advantages of silent fan, low power consumption, small size, and 1U server form. It is suitable for IDC computer rooms, homes and other scenarios, supports ETC/ETP/EXP/PIRL/DBIX/RESOC/EGEM/ELLA/ATH/MIX/CLO/MOAC/ETHO/ETX and other currencies, uses the ETCHASH algorithm, and the computing power is 520MH/ s±10%, the power consumption is 240W±10%, and the electricity bill accounts for only 3%. In the mining market, its appearance not only has low power consumption, but also has a lot of computing power and processing power far away from its opponents!

Now, JASMINER is looking for distributors all over the world, provide high-quality dealer cooperation programs for product-type, service-type, sales-type, entrepreneurial enterprises and teams that are engaged in, about to be engaged in or want to engage in the Ethereum mining industry. Based on the basic principles of honesty and fairness, mutual benefit and win-win, consensus, and common development, we will join hands to lead the development of the blockchain industry, participate in the competition of foreign brands, and meet the huge market demands of domestic and foreign markets.

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