ANTI Game’s Metaverse Creativity, Reverse Game Mechanism And Multi-Dimensional Scene Application Received Rave Reviews

June 07 00:25 2022

Metaverse’s development speed is changing with each passing day, and there are many games in this field. In many games, ANTI games are unique and favored by many players. ANTI has been certified by CFCA and listed as one of the most promising metaverse games in the Financial Technology Development Plan (2019-2021). The game is based on the concept of lottery basic mode, and incorporates the underlying technology of blockchain to ensure the authenticity of the game. At the same time, it adopts reverse entertainment game logic, which obviously improves the winning rate of participating players, so it is well received by players.

ANTI has been brewing for a long time. In the initial stage of metaverse, ANTI developed games for the purpose of being fresh and interesting and bringing returns to users. Coordinated development with metaverse’s science and technology industry ecosystem can reduce the cost and threshold for the public to enter high-quality metaverse projects. Through this model, the public can not only understand the technical characteristics of metaverse, but also it helps intechnological development. By driving public participation through the demand of metaverse games and promoting the continuous improvement of the underlying technology of blockchain, ANTI has received rave reviewsfrom many end users in the field of games in metaverse.

ANTI game pioneered reverse quiz thinking, selected a time period of 1M, collected BTC trend market rise and fall data every 1 minute, collected the hash value of Tron block height, and directly selected betting as per the 20 rise and fall ranges given by the platform. According to the 20 rise and fall ranges given by the platform, they can directly choose betting, and they can make profits if they did not predict correctly. They can also choose intermittent betting. If the price rises and falls are consistent at the close, users will lose the principal, otherwise they will make a profit.

The principle is similar with that of anti-hash mode.For example, the first interval 001-050, the second interval 051-100, the third interval 101-150, … and the 20th interval 951-000. As per the number of balls from the first ball to the third ball of the corresponding single bet, if the corresponding numerical result is not in the betting interval, users can win the prize. The reason why this type of game mode is favored by many game players is that the characteristics of reverse play and earning are brought into the game in such a game mode. In the blockchain, no node’s information can be tampered with without authorization, which means that all the information obtained by every player participating in the game is true and effective. Secondly, ANTI lowered the threshold of entering the metaverse field through this entry-level game, and set off a whirlwind in the blockchain lottery game industry.

This year, major giants have launched various types of blockchain projects. In the field of metaverse, the measures taken are also very diverse. It is in such a situation that industrial enterprises are developing at a high speed, and the prospect of games involving blockchain metaverse is remarkable. The sooner players enter this type of games, the higher the benefits and returns they can get. ANTI, created by the principle of reverse thinking, can be highly favored by players in the category of metaverse games, and it is precisely because it is unique in the thinking mechanism of game play and can bring long-term stable profits to players.

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