A Radio Consulting Firm “Sound Advantage Media” announces the addition of two new, exciting radio formats

September 13 15:25 2022

Sound Advantage Media announces the offering of two exciting, new radio formats for syndication. “Classic Top-40” is a new twist on Classic Hits. A mix of “lost” songs not heard on the radio anymore but are big hits and longtime favorites from the 60s-80s – Lots of “wow” factor.

“Classic Songs & Smooth Jazz” features great songs from artists like Michael Buble, Frank Sinatra & Diana Krall, as well as a mix of Smooth Jazz from artists such as Kenny G, Manhattan Transfer, Herb Albert, and more! Both formats are heavily researched, with certifiable hit music. Your station will have a tremendous branding opportunity. Stations interested in either format, reach out for a demo: Gary Begin, [email protected], 731-437-0536.

Sound Advantage Media has teamed up with radio’s first virtual commercial production service, “Voice Creative.” Voice Creative is a team of advertising storytellers helping select radio clients from Montreal to St. Louis, Albany to Roanoke, and Salt Lake City to Seattle, tell their unique stories and gain new prospects. The unique team has passion to help local businesses grow with story and sound to create listenable radio.

Voice Creative will always be an asset to local radio partners as they tend to coach commercial creators, copywriters, and producers. With a team of more than 60 voice actors, Voice Creative will bring varieties to every commercial set and lessen listener fatigue.

Since 1996, Voice Creative has been creating awarded radio theatre. Voice Creative can be contacted via their support mail [email protected] or through the telephone number: 845-418-4950.

It is becoming more challenging to stay positive and sane by the day, thanks to the series of events that continue to heighten the level of uncertainty across the globe. In a related development, several initiatives have emerged in recent times to help douse the tension. However, more is needed to be done in this regard, which is where a Radio Consulting Firm, “Sound Advantage Media,” looks to make a difference by motivating people to keep on and see a brighter tomorrow by recommending a show titled “That Thing with Rich Appel.”

“That Thing with Rich Appel” is a weekend radio show that aims to change the narrative around several issues, focusing on lifting the spirits of as many people as possible across the globe through a quality, 3-hour personality-driven Classic Hits. The show features a highly-regarded professional in Rich Appel, who hits the post every time, with great laughs and specially-themed performances like class reunions and unique countdowns. Contact info; [email protected] or 973-865-8819

Radio Consulting Firm “Sound Advantage Media,” owned by Gary Begin, a 40-year radio professional & published author of Radio Programming & Branding: The Ultimate Podcasting & Branding Guide. His programs possess an entertaining broadcast schedule that delivers a slew of fun content to listeners who require something different from other mainstream channels.

Brands are created in mind! To get inside the mind of your listeners, contact Sound Advantage Media Today! They offer a free 30-minute initial consultation. Businesses and brands interested in consulting services can get in touch with Sound Advantage Media via the contact info below.

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