WhaleMaker is celebrating its 3rd-month distributing nearly $300,000 in profit

September 20 16:26 2022
WhaleMaker is celebrating its 3rd-month distributing nearly $300,000 in profit
WhaleMaker is powered by more than a decade of experience in fund management and investment strategies for crypto and fiat currencies.

WhaleMaker ($WMF) is a fund, counting the third month of its existence and there is no doubt that the results are surprising everyone in the industry. Offering the opportunity of steady benefits on the BRISE chain (BRC) and the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), investors see their capital grow through double-digit returns.

Round 2 ended in early September, paying nearly $300,000 profit to $WMF investors, after being locked at $1.1 million.

Adding NFTs to the game, they launched 2 collections, “Royal Whales” on the BRC chain and “Majestic Whales” on the BSC chain. NFTs are now a key to entering each new Fund Round, as investors will have to at least stake 1 NFT in the pool along with their $WMF coins. NFTS also play the role of multipliers to the final benefits which are directly correlated to the number of NFTs. What is most interesting is that they have a current value of around $400 and can be staked as such.

Round 3 opened on the 17th of September and already counting around $4 million so far in both chains. It is expected that it will be open at least until the 22nd of September.

Just a while ago, they announced their new listing at the DigiFinex exchange, with trading starting on Sept 23rd, 2022 13:00 (UTC)

During these “red” days of the crypto market, Whale Maker Fund has managed to hold the line and keep their ground surprisingly well. It seems that even greener pastures are there for the future of Whale Maker Fund. 

To learn more follow WhaleMaker Fund on: 

Telegram channel @whitewhalecryptoinfo

Twitter @WhaleMakerFund

Instagram @whalemaker.fund

WhaleMaker is currently traded on SphynxLabs DEX. 

Explore it on:

BRC :  https://bit.ly/3lTBqkD

BSC :  https://bit.ly/3NPPwz6

& its NFTs can be minted on :  WhaleMakerNFT.fund

Staking Pool 3: thesphynx.co/nft

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