Men’s Lifestyle Coach Dim Hapa Shares The Map For Men Worldwide To Reach Their Full Potential

December 08 07:53 2022

After 1000+ hours of intensive experience coaching corporate men & entrepreneurs in Australia & the UK, Dim Hapa has discovered a trend that most of his clients seem to encounter.

He says there’s no secret that the job market is tough right now with the global recession. And in these uncertain times, the best and most secure investment we can make is one in ourselves.

Here’s a quote from the man himself: “I’ve discovered there’s a journey the modern young professional man takes. After their schooling & studies, we enter the professional world in the phase which I call “initial enthusiasm.” This is where we’re optimistic, have preconceived ideas of what the world will be like, and we’re eager to prove ourselves. This initial phase usually results in some initial wins.”

“But somewhere along the lines, we enter the next stage, which I call “the Wilderness.”

He shares that in this Wilderness period, men find themselves lost and uncertain about their path. 

“In the Wilderness, the wins stop being as exciting, and we start to decline in our motivation. Sometimes, this is caused by a few setbacks, which make us question our confidence.” 

“Over time, we start to find we’re no longer showing up with the same drive. This usually leaves us open to distractions and unhealthy habits. In this phase, imposter syndrome, or self-doubt, usually also starts to eat away at our confidence. All of these aspects lead to a decline of the initial momentum… and eventually, we start feeling stagnant.”

In an interview, Dim shared that at least half of young professionals globally experience this after 5+ years in professional life. 

“This is happening so much in the US; they actually have a name for it: “the Great Resignation.”

We realized the value of his framework in guiding men through the Wilderness to a new chapter of their lives, which he calls “Personal Sovereignty.”

Coaching teaches you high-income skills to ensure you always know how to communicate your value, how to network well so you can secure more job interviews, how to be confident, take control of your mental game & socially calibrate, so you offer your value strongly. 

Dim reveals how coaching allows you to become very clear on your inner values, so you become clear on your career direction and can align yourself to your strengths & unlock the dormant beast of potential you have within. 

Dim explains, “If you can understand what the Wilderness is trying to teach you, which is:

  1. To find something that is genuinely meaningful to you

  2. To free yourself of your ‘first blueprint’ – i.e., the limiting beliefs/emotional baggage from your past, and develop a ‘second blueprint,’ which is an empowered outlook to view your future, then you find yourself in the next phase – which I call “Personal Sovereignty.” You’ve become your own purpose-led hero.”

This can be difficult, but with the right guidance, while others are fearful, your proactivity and investment in yourself can lead to this being one of the most fruitful stages of your life. To move through the Wilderness stage, it is essential to focus on developing four key traits:

  1. Get to know yourself

  2. Get out of your own way

  3. Develop a strategy for your goals with experts

  4. Take action

Dim reveals once men have developed these traits, they reach the final stage of Personal Sovereignty. In this stage, they can live according to their values and principles without being influenced by others. Men who have reached this stage are truly internally free and fulfilled.

Dim is a man on a mission to help as many men as possible reach their full potential. 

To discover more about Dim Hapa, make sure to connect with him on Instagram & LinkedIn: @dimhapa

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