Dr. Barbara Wright Launches Grant Writing Readiness Books for 25 of Today’s Nonprofit Program Priorities

May 05 12:51 2023
Dr. Barbara Wright’s DIY grant writing digital workbooks offer tailored guidance for 25 grant program priorities for nonprofit leaders & fund developers.

Dr. Barbara Wright, the innovative woman behind the revolutionary grant writing support apps, has launched a new series of  ‘Instant Download’ Grant Writing Readiness workbooks. These workbooks are designed to help your organization get ready to raise thousands to millions in grants by providing the tools, tips, and techniques for writing grants for various programs, from visual and performing arts to human trafficking prevention and affordable housing.

Each of the 25 distinct workbooks provides comprehensive guidance and support for grant writing, tailored specifically to the needs of the program in question. By using Dr. Wright’s grant writing readiness workbooks, organizations can save time and money while still developing compelling grant proposals that are more likely to secure funding or preparing the information needed for the right grant writing professional.

“We are thrilled to be launching these new grant writing readiness workbooks, which are the perfect complement to our existing grant writing template development apps,” said Dr. Wright. “Our goal is to make access to grant opportunities more accessible to small and underserved organizations. These workbooks are a great way to empower organizations to understand the grant writing process and develop proposals that reflect the alignment of their mission and goals to the funder’s request.”

The grant writing readiness workbooks cover various programs, including domestic violence, veterans, workforce development, equity and inclusion, community planning and development, and many more. Each workbook is affordable, making it a cost-effective solution for organizations of all sizes. These grant writing readiness workbooks are a game-changer for organizations seeking funding, providing tailored  guidance and empowering them to feel more confident in participating in grant writing competitions.

“We have already received incredible feedback from organizations who have used our grant writing readiness workbooks to develop successful grant proposals,” said Dr. Wright. “Our approach is unique in that we provide customized guidance that considers the specific needs and goals of each program. This allows organizations to develop proposals that are not only compelling but also authentic and meaningful.”

Certified Dream Builder, Inc., Dr. Wright’s company, is dedicated to making funding and technology accessible to small to medium non-profits, startups, and scaling businesses focusing on women, minorities, and rural underserved organizations. The launch of these new grant writing readiness workbooks is a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and its mission to positively impact people’s lives.

Users can visit Certified Dream Builder, Inc.’s website to purchase Dr. Barbara Wright’s grant writing readiness workbooks and empower their organization to take control of the grant-writing process.

About the Company:

Certified Dream Builder, Inc. is committed to making funding and technology accessible to small and medium nonprofits, startups, and scaling businesses focusing on women, minorities, and rural underserved organizations. The company has previously launched two revolutionary grant-writing support apps and is now adding 25 distinct ‘Instant Download’ Grant Writing Workbooks to its portfolio.

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