Bucking the trend, Haier leverages innovation based on customer needs to catalyze brand growth.

May 20 03:25 2023

Initiating a comprehensive global expansion, Haier has implemented the “localization strategy,” achieving genuine localization from research and development, manufacturing, to marketing. Focusing on the needs of Thai users, Haier has innovatively launched differentiated home appliances that align with local customs and preferences, garnering high praise from its users.

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Taking air conditioning as an example, Thailand, located in the sweltering tropical region of Southeast Asia, experiences intense heat making air conditioning a frequently used appliance in every household. With the arrival of the rainy season, air conditioners are prone to mold formation, necessitating repeated cleaning by users, a process that is both time-consuming and laborious.

Addressing this particular consumer pain point, Haier has harnessed its unique “10+N” open innovation system, underpinned by ten major global research and development centers, connecting over a million global resources for joint innovation and efficient collaboration. Within a mere six months, a new self-cleaning air conditioner was launched and successfully introduced into the market. In less than three years, this self-cleaning air conditioner ascended to the top spot in the Thai domestic air conditioning industry.

Furthermore, having analyzed the volume and functionality of existing refrigerator products on the market, and conducting in-depth research into Thai consumer eating habits, Haier launched the high-end T-door series. This refrigerator line not only boasts a large capacity to meet the needs of categorized food storage, but also features a variable temperature zone capable of making icy beverages. Additionally, the refrigerator’s embedded ABT antimicrobial technology provides a safeguard for users’ health-conscious fresh food storage needs.

While staying rooted in user needs, Haier has also successively established brands such as Candy and Casarte in Thailand, fully covering the requirements of diverse user segments. In August last year, Haier inaugurated its first Casarte Smart Home Scenario Experience Center at Central World in Bangkok, offering a one-stop solution for smart homes and bringing users a tailored, scenario-based new experience throughout their homes.

Since entering Thailand in 2002, Haier has spent over 20 years cultivating its presence there, winning over an increasing number of users with quality, innovation, and sincerity. Looking forward, Haier Thailand will continue to prioritize maximizing user value, persist in taking user needs as the starting point for innovation, and tirelessly create delightful living experiences for global users.

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