Mella’s Jewelry Box Proudly Announces Their New Awareness Collection

November 30 22:40 2023
Mella’s Jewelry Box lets one’s passion and personality shine through their unique jewelry collections. Founded by Ramella Suber, their handmade gemstone jewelry predominantly reflects STEM and history themes. Now, their Awareness Collection joins their portfolio, featuring designs that honor causes close to one’s heart.

Washington, D.C – Mella’s Jewelry Box stands out for its collection of handmade gemstone jewelry that mainly focuses on themes related to STEM and history. The jewelry pieces are constructed with utmost care and precision, ensuring their quality and uniqueness. 

Crafted from semi-precious gemstones and hypoallergenic metals, Mella’s Jewelry Box takes pride in its extensive range of offerings, including earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings. The brand’s emphasis on inclusive designs, quality materials, and ethical sourcing practices is reflected in each piece, meticulously handcrafted by Ramella. 

“I design every single item, and hand-make every order”, says Ramella, “My love of studying science and history is represented in every item in the Mella’s Jewelry Box catalog”.

The STEM collection caters specifically to science lovers and tech enthusiasts, featuring intricate designs inspired by scientific elements such as the double helix DNA structure, microscopes, and celestial objects. Meanwhile, the history collection pays homage to different periods and cultures, incorporating influences ranging from Mesoamerican Pyramids to the Chinese Yin-Yang concept.

In addition to these thematic collections, Mella’s Jewelry Box embeds a colorful range of Preciosa® Czech crystals within their items, including their Visible Light Anxiety Ring. World-renowned for their quality precision and shine, these stunning Czech crystals offer wearers a potential source of relief and comfort!

More than just adornments, Mella’s Jewelry Box pieces serve as a means for individuals to vocalize their passions and connect with others. Their new awareness collection, a noteworthy component of the brand’s offerings, enables wearers to initiate conversations and support causes close to their hearts, spanning topics such as cancer, mental health,and substance abuse.

About Mella’s Jewelry Box

Mella’s Jewelry Box is not merely an online jewelry store; it is an innovative platform that seamlessly integrates history, science, healing crystals, and cause advocacy into its unique collections. Each piece tells a story, sparking meaningful conversations, and serves a higher purpose, creating a connection with every wearer.


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