Zhang Xuetao: a great explorer of blockchain

December 16 22:01 2019

“Blockchain technology is the greatest network technology since the birth of the Internet in the 21st century, and its development will inevitably bring subversive changes to the society.” – As the current chief operating officer of EMU, Mr. Zhang Xuetao said that blockchain now plays an important role.

At present, EMU is the only token system combining blockchain technology, 5g, artificial intelligence and Internet of things. The economic benefits it brings are huge. It has completely changed the existing industrial operation mode, which is also the reason why Mr. Zhang Xuetao is extremely optimistic about and works hard for it.

Mr. Zhang Xuetao graduated from the Department of computer science and technology of Tsinghua University, and holds a master’s degree from the University of Texas. He once served as the two Internet companies of Google and Microsoft in the United States and as the chief architect of one bit. He also founded the cloud technology company on the chain, and was rated as the most influential person in the cloud computing industry in China. Mr. Zhang Xuetao is currently the executive director of China blockchain Application Research Center, the person in charge of Sichuan sub center and the member of national Internet financial security technology expert committee. He has extremely rich project practice experience and unique blockchain views, bringing new project operation mode and capital investment ideas to the ecological development of EMU, and helping EMU to occupy a dominant position in the blockchain.

Mr. Zhang Xuetao thinks that the research on blockchain at this stage is very important. It is the fundamental to realize the interconnection of all things and can bring great industrial value to the world. The development of blockchain technology is to establish a huge network organization, which is different from the Internet. If the Internet transmits data, then blockchain transmits the value certificate generated by consensus mechanism. What is a valuable blockchain? Value is reflected in the changes it brings to the existing economic structure and operation mode. Blockchain technology will subvert the existing social structure and bring more opportunities for industrial transformation.

With the development of science and technology, the gears of world change continue to rotate. The birth of blockchain technology accelerates the progress of the whole world and pushes human civilization to the next process. Under this situation, Mr. Zhang Xuetao is not afraid of the small size of human resources. With his years of knowledge, unique thinking and desire for unknown learning, he is constantly playing his own role in ability, adding a glory to the surging blockchain field.

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