How does Liberum chain perform after mainnet launched

February 07 16:57 2020

A Long Journey

On 31th Jan 2020, a low-profile geeks group revealed LIBERUM to the world, and announced their intent to launch a “the third solution beside Bitcoin and Etherum.” In the year since that first announcement, a passionate and diverse community has rallied around the platform. This community has grown to hundreds of thousands across the globe, united behind that original vision, working together towards the most ambitious decentralized launch effort of a public blockchain network the world has ever seen.

LIBERUMcore team unanimously voted “Go” to move forward with the LIBERUMMainnet Launch at 0:00 on 31th Jan 2020. The launch sequence began at the same time and is expected to complete in only 2 hours.

Next Steps

Meshing is currently in progress with the seed nodes. The core team released a list of peers to mesh with and the software requirements. Then the LIBERUM met to agree on validation. Because validation is good enough, so Liberummainnet opened to the public.


After mainnet of Liberum launched, there is many analysis to do some tests on the chain. According to their results, we found the conclusion that Liberum takes HWD-PoW as the core algorithm, while ensuring high decentralization of the public chain, it effectively prevents attacks in highly degress. Liberum makes a huge improvement on TPS, block generation rate, success rate, server costs and scalability costs.That is to say, Liberum is greatly surpassing other public chains currently on the market.

Only the Beginning

While this is an exciting milestone, this launch event is just the beginning. LIBERUM has the potential to transform our world, and the power to unlock the potential which lives within this community. This community will create world-changing applications, grow and live under this evolving constitution, and work to integrate this platform into the rest of Liberum world.

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