SEO Experts Discuss Getting Ahead With Indexing in 2022

December 08 18:47 2021

London, UK – December 8, 2021 – SEO experts at The Brains argue for level-headedness in the light of issues thrown up as a result of the Google November Core Update, and reassure business owners that rankings and page stability will return as it always does.

In light of this most recent update, many businesses online have grown concerned due to resulting indexing and ranking issues. Such matters can have a real impact on revenue, traffic and conversions for businesses who rely on their websites for brand recognition, visibility and sales. Many domains are seeing drops in pages being indexed since the update, but James Speyer, Senior Account Strategist for SEO, argues that this is to be expected:

“Google’s Core updates inevitably result in a bit of unpleasant ranking turbulence. When updates roll out, it takes a lot of Google data and resources, which can be diverted away from other areas, such as crawl. In the past, we’ve seen websites struggle to get pages indexed or re-indexed during an update, but once the full extent of the changes are finalised, Google can return to its standard rate of crawl. Google updates have been known to take from days to just over a month, so if you’re struggling to get pages crawled right now, don’t be alarmed or attempt to shift what used to be a winning SEO strategy in a knee-jerk reaction.” – James Speyer, Senior Account Strategist for SEO, The Brains

The SEO team at The Brains explain that while it’s understandable that businesses might want to react quickly and aggressively in the light of ranking drops, if you want to get ahead with indexing and put your business in the best possible position for 2022, the recommended move right now is to wait and see where the cards fall. Once everything settles (likely the end of December 2021), your business will be in a better place to reflect and decide on next steps for SEO.

The Brains offer one proviso – while you should refrain from excessive onsite SEO changes, building links back to your website can be hugely beneficial at this time. Increasing link output now might just get your website crawled faster, as you’ll increase your chances of being found by Google spiders. Google is still crawling the web, just at a slower pace. So, the more links you have, the more chances Google will have to find you.

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